Film Screening of "Oro Macht Frei"

Film Screening of "Oro Macht Frei"

March 1, 2018, 6:30-8:30 pm

Please join us for an intimate screening of the documentary film Oro Macht Frei (Ottimo Films, 2013) on the Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation's third floor, followed by a Q & A with producer Catherine Campbell.


Oro Macht Frei (Gold Will Set You Free) tells the history of the extortion of Roman Jews during the Nazi Occupation of the city in 1943-44. The Jewish community was told that if they produced 50 kilos of gold within 36 hours, they could avoid the deportation of 200 family leaders to Germany.  Despite the fulfillment of their end of the bargain, the Nazis rounded up the Jewish people three weeks later for deportation to the concentration camps. This film sheds light on one thread within the far-reaching tragedy of the Holocaust.


Tickets are $15; available through Eventbrite here.


View the trailer here.