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Black and white image of a decorative menorah with candles. The menorah is sculptural and unique, with bird motifs on the sides.

Menorah, 1968

Black and white image of a bronze menorah. On each side of the menorah is a female figure with one arm reaching for the stem of the menorah and the other outstretched, while legs are outstretched on the base.

Menorah, 1964

Dark-colored bronze menorah with a rough surface. Two female figures are attached to the stem of the menorah and are supporting the candle holders above.

Menorah with Naomi and Ruth, 1968

Image of a dark, sculpted menorah with the candle-holders placed in one row. Two sculpted birds seem to fly above the menorah.

Menorah, 1960

Black and white photo of a sculpted ceremonial cup. The exterior of the cup is made of various abstract attachments of different shapes and sizes.

Kiddish Cup, 1977

Black and white photo of a simple menorah, with the candle holders made long and stem-like.

Menorah, 1978

Decorative tall menorah with candle holders placed in a row toward the base, and a number of flying birds in two columns above.

Chanukah Lamp, 1965

Abstract sculpture with pointed facets arranged in a circular shape.

Ark Adornment, 1971