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Nigerian Sculpture

The Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation

Curated by Jerome Vogel

December 2, 2012 – March 29, 2013

Person with long black hair wearing dark grey winter clothing facing backwards away from us. They are looking at a collection of African Art mounted on white blocks in wood and metal. There are also two other small pieces of wood art mounted on the wall.
Person with chin length, dark hair wearing a dark orange long sleeve is turned sideways away from us viewing the twin sculptures mounted on the wall in front of them. There are many different selections of the twin sculptures, ranging from light to dark brown wood.
Two people stand on the left side of us looking at a colorful mask. The person furthest away from us has only their arms and head showing and is taking a picture. Both people have dark hair and the person standing closest to us is wearing a black, business casual outfit, and the other is wearing a grey long sleeve shirt.
Two adults with dark hair wearing winter clothing are crouched to look at a collection of small sculptures in a glass box on a white, rectangular mount. To the left of them is a wood sculpture of a human face, and to the right of them are a series of twin sculptures standing on a wall mounted shelf.
Adult in a blue cardigan over a black dress stands to the right of us at a podium, speaking into a microphone. To the left is projector with a blue image with white text on it, "You do not stand in one place to watch a masquerade."
Four wood sculptures of humanoid, geometric shapes face us directly. Three of them are standing on a white block mount, and another is mounted on the white wall to the left.
Six metal sculptures that resemble trees are mounted on rectangular, white boxes directly in front of us. At the middle is the largest sculpture, a tree with tiered branches with birds sitting upon them.
Wood mask mounted on a white block. The bottom part of the mask features a humanoid face in white, with brown outlining the facial features and black swirls representing the hair. On top of the face is a black, animal like creature with white and brown fabric surrounding it.
Two small twin sculptures with similar features placed next to each other. Both are made of dark wood and have their hair spiked up in a triangle fashion. The one on the left has a slightly smaller form, and both of them have the same closed eyes, wide, small nose, and circular mouths.