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Painting of a woman sitting, facing the viewer. She wears a a sheer garment, and an orange cat rests on her lap.
Cubist still life painting of objects including a book, vase, a bottle that reads "BREW", glass, pipe, and ticket that reads, "SPORTS".
Bronze sculpture of figure doing a handstand on a stone rectangle. The figure balances on two slightly bent arms, with its legs raised over its head. It faces the left of the image.
Painting of a vase of flowers, and flowers placed on a piece of draped fabric, against an orange-red background.
Painting of a woman facing the left of the viewer, sitting on a wooden chair and holding a cigarette.
Painting of a vase of flowers on newspapers, positioned below a blue sky, with a mirror (left) and a cityscape (right) standing behind.
Painting of an abstract red trapezoid in the center of the composition, with a smaller blue square placed above it. The background is split between black (left) and white (right), behind the red square.
Painting of figures sitting and walking –– including a couple pushing a pram, alongside a street lined with buildings. On the building façade to the right is the image of a towering woman in front of a building that reads, "RELIEF", who faces a small man with his back to the viewer.
Surrealist painting of a giant, partially nude woman, draped in off-white cloth. She is set against a landscape scene and is poised, kissing kiss pair of red lips positioned in the center-top of the sky behind her. In her left hand, which is exaggeratedly larger than the rest of her giant figure, are the strings that attach to a much smaller nude figure below her –– making her appear as though she is a puppeteer controlling her puppet.
Charcoal sketch of a partially covered nude figure that sits facing the left of the work, fixing her hair. Drapery falls around waist and she wears high heel shoes.
Colorful painting of Chaim Gross, depicted with orange and blue shadowing, facing right, carving a grey sculpture. Another sculpture, depicted in brown, stands in the left background.
Painting of a man standing, in the act of splitting wood that lays around him, against an orange sky.
Painting of colorful geometric shapes and designs that tightly wrap around each other.
Posterboard painting of soldiers bandaged and cloaked in colorful fabric holding rifles with bayonet attachments surrounding a cloaked canon, amidst a winter scene filled with snow.
Enamel painting of seemingly frantically rendered brush strokes of black surrounded by splatters of black paint.
Oil and graphite etching painting, composed of three separate scenes. Geometrical lines in blue, black, yellow, and grey, which vaguely articulate multiple human forms in action in the center foreground and the top left. On the top right is a collection of grey lines that form an almost spherical shape in white and grey.
Warm painting of various figures and hat stands wearing colorful hats and dresses. The full form of a woman stands to the right of the scene.
A ink, gouache, and watercolor collage of a black woman facing a tree to the right of the work. She holds a bowl, and is surrounded by a colorful landscape scene complete with flora, colorful birds, and the sky in the background.
Painting of two figures. Edwin Denby stands in the foreground on a raised platform, facing the left of the composition, while Red Grooms leans behind him on the platform with his hands clasped. Behind them is a tree-filled landscape and a blue sky.
Mixed media work, depicting 12 women of different races, each wearing colorful clothing and positioned against colorful backgrounds. All turn in different directions but remain facing the viewer.
Abstract cubist painting viewed from up close, featuring black lines of varying lengths transversing the work. The black lines create shapes of differing sizes and angles, each filled with either black, grey, off-white, or red paint.
Lithograph portrait of the profile of a woman, Francoise Gilot, who faces the viewer. Her hair is composed of primarily circles, connected by quick curls and twists.
Abstract painting of black curved lines that form shapes and musical instruments, identifiable by the use of black, white, yellow, blue, and negative space created by the blush-brown background, formed by the brown paper base. From left to right are the figures that resemble a keyboard, and a blue tablet of sheet music or keyboard in the center, and a black string instrument.
Abstract painting of red, yellow, green, and black shapes, bearing the resemblance of a face complete with large circular eyes and a smaller, pointed chin, against a blue background.
Abstract expressionist color lithograph, formed of geometrical elements such as half-circle, jagged angles, straight lines and curves – both small and large – overlapping one another and simultaneously giving the appearance of a collection of objects in motion. The work utilizes gradient shades of red, blue, purple, orange, and black.
Painting depicting an array of objects, including a red bowl of yellow fruit in the center of the work, flanked by interweaving angles and shapes in black, yellow, and blue, against the brown paper background.
Painting of a woman raising a red Sphinx, surrounded by colorful building façades, street signs, a small globe, a body of water and a boat, and a cloudy sky above. The composition implements shades of white, red, blue, yellow, black, and orange to delineate each object.
Painting of a sitting woman, nude and facing the viewer, whose eyes gaze to the right of the work, against a dark, red-brown background.
Surrealist drawing of a human form, made from graphite and gouache transferred to printed paper. The figure is stands, shown from its chin down to its knees, its inner anatomy displayed as if flayed. It features shapes that mimic muscle tissue, internal organs, and an eye in the (viewer's) left thigh, while its head resembles that of a bird.
Graphite portrait of a man, Leopold Zborowski, wearing a suit.
Colorful fauvist painting of a farmhouse, surrounded by figures, farm animals, and trees. Utilizes varying shades of blue, black, white, green, orange, and red.
Abstract figurative bronze sculpture of a woman (left) that curves at the bottom to transform into the figure of a male adult or youth (right).
Ink sketch portrait of the artist Arshile Gorky. He is turned in half profile to face the viewer's left.
Bronze sculpture of a nude woman. She is standing on a stone platform, her right (viewer's left) leg slightly bent as it rests on a raised bronze surface emerging from the platform. Her head faces the floor and her hands rest on her head.
Set of wash and pencil sketches of a human form in various repeated positions, laid out in a grid, including the head of the figure, the figure sitting, and the figure reclining on its side.
Bronze sculpture of a tall nude figure, made of metal. Its arms wrap around its chest and neck. It sits on a short stone base.
Bronze bust of Coco, the artist's young son, depicted with chin length hair and a collared shirt. The bust sits on a stone base.
Green patinated bronze sculpture of the head of a young boy, shown with protruding ears and a rounded face. The sculpture sits on a stone base.
Lithograph portrait of the artist. In profile, she faces the left side of the viewer, her head shaded in grey.